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Emergency Closures

We only close the nursery in very rare circumstances such as extreme weather, no heating  or on the advice of the local authority. 

The decision to close the nursery during inclement weather lies with the headteacher in consultation  with the Chair of Governors. In the rare event of EXTREME weather conditions e.g.heavy snowfall across the city the Local Authority may issue central advice to schools. 

If the decision is made to close this will be announced through Heart FM, Radio WM, BRMB and on Birmingham City councils website as well as on this website. 

If the school has to close during the day this will be as a last resort. Parents will be contacted via our mobile app and asked to collect their children. The health and safety of the children will be the first consideration. Parents are asked to ensure contact details are kept up to date to ensure they can be contacted.


Radio WM


Heart FM radio