Bell Barn Road, Lee Bank,
Birmingham, B15 2AF


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May 2018 

There are 228 children on roll in total across the setting.

29 languages are spoken in addition to English

14 children have complex Special Education Needs or Disabilities

 2 children have Medical Needs requiring a specialist care plan.


3 Year Olds - Nursery Year 

83  three year old children receive government funding for 15 hours a week early education. Of these 27 children meet the Local Authority criteria for an additional 10 hours funding a week.  

64 children have English as an Additional Language

38 children have accessed day care provision at St Thomas Centre Nursery School prior to their nursery year.

21  children are entitled to Early Years Pupil Premium


 2 year olds 

50 two year old children receive government funding  for 15 hours a week early education.

25 different languages are celebrated throughout the nursery.

The predominant religions are Muslim, Christian and those with No Religion