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12 Maintained Birmingham Nursery Schools made the decision to join together to form a Federation. all these schools have shared vision to achieve a single sustainable organisation, city wide, with strategic governance and leadership delivering an inclusive and safe child led learning experience, strong family partnerships and outstanding outcomes for children. 


These is now a single Governing Board covering all schools supported by local sub committees.

The governing board,  with the headteachers,  have overall responsibility for the running of the schools. this includes

  • Ensuring clarity of vision
  • Holding the headteachers to account for the educational performance of the schools, their pupils and the performance of staff and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the schools making sure their money is well spent 

 Allens Croft Nursery School,  Jakeman Nursery School,  Shenley Fields Nursery School,  Kings Norton Nursery School, Selly Oak Nursery School Weoley Castle Nursery School,  Lillian De Lissa Nursery School,  St Thomas Centre Nursery School,  Newtown Nursery School,  Adderley Nursery School, Gracelands Nursery Schoo,  Highfield Nursery School


Governing Body Members 2017 - 2018 

Governor Name Type of Governor Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC)



Learning and Progress Committee Member Staffing and Finance Committee Member Connections to Staff, Yes or No. If yes , who and how Term of Office end date Other School Governor posts Held Business Interest Declared Yes or No . If yes please state 
Sally Andrews
Safeguarding Governor,


CH Yes  No  No   23.06.2019  None  No
Javed Sethi Co-opted VC Yes  Yes  No No  22.06.2019 None  No
Roger Redgrave

Local Authority

SCITT Governor 

 - No No  Yes  No  21.07.2021 None   No
Sue Bennett Head Teacher --  No Yes Yes  Headteacher  -  None  No
Lauren Davidson  Staff No No Yes Deputy Headteacher  22.06.2019 None   No
Sean Delaney  Co-opted  Yes No Yes  No  22.07.2019 Jakeman Nursery school and Shenley Fields Nursery School Federation   No
Dee- Anne Gray Co-opted No  Yes  No  Teaching Assistant  22.06.2019 None   No
John Ritson  Associate No  _ School Business Manager 22.06.2019  None   No
Elisha Rosser Parent  - - Yes No No None No


Governors Attendance 2017-18

Full Governing Body 

Governor Name  19.10.17  29.11.17 21.3.2018 18.4.2018 18.7.2018
 Governor Training Day  Budget Ratification 
Sally Andrews Yes Apologies  Yes  Yes Yes
Javed Sethi Apologies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roger Redgrave Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sue Bennett Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lauren Davidson  Yes Yes Apologies Apologies  Apologies 
Sean Delaney Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nilmini Perera Yes Yes Resigned  Resigned  Resigned 
Dee- Anne Gray Apologies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elisha Rosser Yes Yes Apologies  Apologies  Yes
John Ritson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes