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Red Room


Yoga December 2018

Football December 2018

The children have been learning how to play football as a group – how to cooperate, play fairly and follow the rules.

The children have seen lots of fireworks over the last week as many of them have celebrated Bonfire Night and Diwali. We decided to create our own firework pictures by splattering different coloured paint onto pieces of black paper. 


Fireworks November 2018

Vegetable printing and mark making with mud  October 2018

The children have been creating prints and making marks using a range of materials and resources including mud, paint, vegetables, sticks, branches and brushes.

Settling in September/October 2018

Over the last half term both the children who have transitioned from other rooms and the children who are new to the setting have been familiarising themselves with Red Room  - getting to know their new key workers and other staff in the room, developing friendships with other children and exploring  all the activities on offer both inside ......

Settling in September/October 2018

..... and outside!

Red Room's Farewell Sports Day and Picnic July 2018

Red Room finished the year with a fancy dress picnic and bean bag, egg and spoon and bike races!