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Green Room

Celebrating Easter

The children have been celebrating Easter in Green room. The children had the opportunity to participate in lots of activities. e.g. egg hunt, egg and spoon race, making egg nests, using Easter cutters with play dough and collaging their own Easter card.

The children got very hands on and creative with the egg nest. Together each group poured rice crispies into a bowl, added some chocolate and then stirred them together to form their nests. To finish their nest the children added some mini eggs and happily licked their fingers clean. YUMMY!!


April 2019


The children from Green and Orange rooms received a special visit off the chicks from Nursery School. The children gathered together on the carpet to watch as Noman picked a chick up out of the incubator and showed the children how to hold it properly.






 Children were then encouraged to gently stroke and hold the chick if they wished to do so. Although not all of the children wanted to do this they watched as the others demonstrated careful handing of the chicks.


April 2019

Planting cress April 2019 


The children in Green Room were given the opportunity to plant some cress  seeds and watch as they grew and developed day by day. The children enjoyed this experience and were happy to participate.

Once it had grown we cut the cress and the children were able to touch and smell it  before  making themselves a cress sandwich (with adult support).  Yummy!!






Dinner time March 2019

Using mud, water, grass and stones the children have been cooking up ‘food’ for family and friends. Mixing and pouring ingredients together, turn taking and sharing their home experiences they have all happily accessed the out door mud kitchen  

Bathing the babies

March 2018


Green room children have enjoyed caring for the babies at nursery. They have been given the opportunity to wash/ bath the babies, ensuring they are clean and ready to go off  to bed. The have been provided with sponges, bubble bath, shampoo, towels and a bath tub. Children have also enjoyed sharing their own home experiences of bath time with their friends and staff.


November 2018


With support the children put on waterproof jackets, wellies and hats and went out in the rain. The children enjoyed being outside especially when they found the big puddles. They started jumping up and down. kicking the water and copying each others movement. Looking down at the water whilst splashing the children were fascinated by the ripples they were making. 

Leaves November 2018

The garden in Green Room has been covered in leaves and the children have shown lots of interest in them. Helping the key worker the children picked up mini rakes and started piling the leaves together. They then threw them up in the air and watched as they fell back down.  The children enjoyed working together and continued to do this all week.

Continuing with the leaf play the children made leaf collages at nursery creating pieces of work with a crunchy, rough and brittle texture. The children stuck  leaves on a piece of paper using PVA glue and enjoyed getting their finger messy.

Pasta Play

We provided the children with two types of pasta giving them the opportunity to explore different textures.  The children were also able to develop their coordination skills through filling tubes and containers with pasta using their hands or tongs. Throughout their play the children communicated with each other, took turns, shared and laughed with each other.

 Obstacle Course  October 2018 

The children have shown great interest in the outdoor P.E equipment and they have challenged themselves by walking and balancing across the obstacle course with the support and encouragement of key workers.

Settling in September 2018

Over the last few weeks we have had both returning children and new children settling into Green Room. The children have enjoyed coming in to a new space where they are able to access and explore the different resources available both indoors and  outdoors and familiarise themselves with their key worker and other staff.

 The children have enjoyed playing with the playdough, creating farm animals , shapes and cars using a variety of different cutters and rolling pins. They have also shown a great interest in the outdoor wooden community obstacles course, challenging themselves  to move across  the obstacles independently or with support and encouragement of key workers.

Gelli Baff June 2018

Following on from our exploration of gloop we have now moved on to exploring Gelli Baff, which is a powder mixed with water to create a jelly like texture.The children thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and used language like squishy, wet, soggy, feel, cold, wet and squashy.

Green gloop May 2018

In Green room we have been learning how to mix cornflower and water to a consistency that is sticky enough for the children to make marks .