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Mud Kitchens

Our mud kitchens provide great outdoor learning spaces for young children. Learners enjoy getting hands on playing with mud and water, while also developing important physical, social and emotional skills.


We believe that our mud kitchens promote children's natural curiosity and develop their sense of awe and wander. The excitement of being outside encourages children to talk about what they’re doing and being involved in messy play allows them to feel more confident about speaking and sharing their thoughts. There are lots of opportunities for children to explore their own ideas, playing alongside others sharing and taking turns, as well as working as part of a group.

Children are able to discover the outdoor environment as they dig in the mud, encounter plants and maybe even creepy crawlies. The mud kitchens involve getting their hands dirty and experiencing the different textures and consistency of mud, seeing how this changes as they add more water. Staff support and extend children's thinking by asking: ‘How does this feel?’ and ‘What happens when you…?’


We provide a wide range of natural resources for children to explore alongside real cooking utensils, pots and pans and equipment such as kettles, toasters and microwaves. All equipment is regularly checked for safety.   Children use their imaginations to create their own recipes and culinary concoctions from soup to cupcakes, rose petal perfume to porridge and pancakes. 

Nursery do provide children with wellies and overalls but getting messy is all part of the fun!